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Wedding ceremonies can be BOOKED
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A “perfect” ceremony doesn't happen by accident.  It needs careful planning and preparation, constant review and should be created in such a way that it is unique to you as a couple.  It should be memorable to you and your guests and its creation is a task which takes passion, dedication and commitment.  Your ceremony should reflect your individuality, and it should demonstrate your love and commitment to each other.  It will serve to establish a foundation for a lasting marriage, and it should inspire your guests to share in the joy of your commitment.

Creating a personal yet memorable ceremony can seem daunting, however that need not be the case.  I can offer you a plethora of well-researched readings, vows and musical inspiration to assist you in creating a ceremony you will remember always.

I am dedicated to ensuring that you as a couple are completely and unreservedly satisfied with the ceremony we create before your wedding day.

The legal requirements for all marriages in Australia can be found by clicking here.

Same-Sex Marriage in Australia


On 9 December 2017, the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act 2017 commenced in Australia. The Act changed the definition of marriage and now provides for marriage equality in Australia. The right to marry in Australia is no longer determined by sex or gender.   [adapted from Attorney-General's Department www.ag.gov.au]

The requirements for same-sex marriage in Australia are now the same as they are for heterosexual couples who wish to marry.  Please click here to find out more.

"I fly this flag (symbol) with the amalgamation of the rainbow, the equals sign and the two rings which all symbolise marriage equality in the hope that members of the LGBTI community will feel free and safe to contact me without fear of prejudice, judgment or exclusion."

If you choose me to solemnise your marriage, I offer the following undertakings:

  ·      YOUR ceremony will be the most important ceremony I have ever officiated at.

 ·       I will only ever book ONE ceremony on any given date. 

·        I will provide you with any guidance you require if you choose to prepare your own ceremony. 

·        I will commit myself to ensuring that your ceremony is created according to your specific wishes. 

·        I will be available to discuss any queries or concerns you may have.

 ·       I will be punctual to any meetings we may arrange, including rehearsals etc. 

·        I will dress appropriately at all times.

 ·       I will use a high quality PA system (if applicable) so that the ceremony is audible to all your assembled guests.

·        I will arrive well prior to the Bride’s arrival on the day of your wedding. 

 ·       I will ensure that all legal requirements are satisfied in a timely manner.

 ·     I will provide you with a Presentation Folder at the end of your ceremony, as a keepsake of your special day